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We are in the business of creating remarkable experiences. Through live events or video, Tri-Marq has been producing lasting and superior productions for 35 years.

Whether it’s a video that plays on a small screen or transforming a ballroom into an immersive space, our clients come to us to bring stories to life. And when the time comes that you need both, that’s when we really stand above the rest.


When your message matters, we help you put it into motion.

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When your message matters, we help you put it into motion.


Trends change. Technology changes.
Relationships with our clients don’t.


“The best show and Town Hall I’ve ever seen produced. Your team made that thing look and sound like a prime time talk show. Honestly so impressed – it was impeccable.”

Event Client


“It is SO nice to have a vision of what you want, bring it to someone and then have it executed to perfection. Flawless execution Tri-Marq!”

Chamberlain Group


“Great work from Tri-Marq! I didn’t expect anything less. Thanks for making us look good.”

GE Healthcare


“My favorite show with Tri-Marq is the next one!”



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  • Medal of Honor

    Medal of Honor

    The Medal of Honor is widely recognized as the highest and most prestigious decoration awarded for service in the United States Armed Forces. Developed during the Civil War, the Medal of Honor has only been awarded to 3,511 individuals, 64 of whom are from Wisconsin. This Memorial Day, people all across the United States are […]

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We help companies elevate their brand through meaningful messages. Whether it be through attention-grabbing video, showstopping graphics, or immersive events, we bring stories to life by turning vision into motion and bringing the magic of video and show production to brands worldwide.